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A new history of the essay gets the genre all wrong, and in the process endorses a misleading idea of knowledge.. Nor do these inventions relate only to Presleys life and death, as bad as that would be, or to incidental details like the number of strip clubs in the city. Native Americans, DAgata writes, once tended to kill. Primitive Earth. The origin of life on Earth is a highly curious thing. In fact, many scientists have dedicated their entire lives to finding out how life came to be on Earth. There are a few key experiments that we will look at in order to gain an understanding of how scientists have best hypothesized how life started on Earth, but. This paper traces the history of the Value of Statistical Life (VSL), which today is used routinely in benefit-cost analysis of life-saving investments. The value of statistical life terminology was introduced by Thomas Schelling (1968) in his essay, The Life You Save May Be Your Own. Schelling made the crucial move to. EVOLUTIONARY ROOTSIn the first of a monthly series of essays celebrating the Year of Darwin, Carl Zimmer discusses attempts to unravel how life originated on Earth by.

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