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But when Alfred Stieglitz made this picture he was leading a movement called Pictorialism, which promoted the photograph as art, the same kind of art as a drawing or painting. Classic Essays on Photography, ed. Alan Trachtenberg, New Haven, Conn. Craig Annan, an essay by John Barrett Kerfoot on silhouettes and satire, an essay by Alfred Stieglitz on foreign exhibitions, and miscellaneous texts by various other writers. Number 9 includes five photogravures by Clarence White, one photogravure by Eduard Steichen, four photogravures by Eva Watson-Schtze,. One of the most influential men in the field of photography was Alfred Stieglitz. The first art photographer in the United States, Stieglitz more than any other. Alfred Stieglitz essaysAlfred Stieglitz was an influential photographer who spent his life fighting for the recognition of photography as a valid art form. He was a.

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essay on alfred stieglitz

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In this essay, written 35 years after he took the photograph, Stieglitz describes how The Steerage encapsulated his careers mission to elevate photography to the status of fine art by engaging the same dialogues around abstraction that preoccupied European avant-garde painters A round straw hat, the funnel leading out,. Free alfred stieglitz papers, essays, and research papers.