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Nov 27, 2017. Just tell your tax preparer you want to buy savings bonds with part or all of your refund! If you prepare your own return using tax software, the computer program will guide you. If you file a paper return, use Form 8888, Allocation of Refund (Including Bond Purchases). The instructions explain what you need. Many of us in adolescence and teenage years received paper savings bonds as gifts from relatives. They were an easy way to help kids plan for college, getting married, or buying a first house, and most relatives could afford the 25-100 denominations of EEE bonds.

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Where can I buy Paper Savings Bonds? EFFECTIVE 112012 You can no longer purchase paper EE Savings Bonds or I Savings Bonds at a local bank, financial institution or credit union. Get answers to frequently asked questions (FAQs) about savings bonds. If I buy an EE bond now, Converting Paper Savings Bonds to Electronic BondsSavings Bonds TreasuryDirect HomeProgram rules, interest rates, maturity dates, and other information related to savings bonds.