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Nov 16, 2017. The Australian Writers Guild has announced the launch of a new online portal, Pathways Showcase the new go-to for producers looking for Australias hottest new scripts and premier screenwriters. The cricketing actors of the MEAA claimed back The Credit from the AWGs writers in a hard-fought match at Fawkner Park on Sunday. The small boundaries of the North-Eastern oval made for some big hitting with plenty of shots reaching or clearing the boundary. In the end a valiant and hugely entertaining display by. The Australian Writers Guild (AWG) represents more than 2,600 writers of stage and screen content, including the vast majority of professional writers of television in Australia. Are you frustrated by company business affairs reps that take too long to draft a long form contract? Do you find terms included in the companys draft of a contract that you didnt negotiate, expect or want? Is your compensation being held up because you are quibbling over contract language? Do the companys standard.

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